Prepare mortgage loan documents to deposit at your bank


Are you planning to apply for a home loan from a financial organization? You need to provide some important documents about yourself in order to obtain a mortgage. All individuals who plan to apply for a loan to purchase real estate must all go through this step. These documents are of great importance as they attest to your status as a reliable borrower. To help you, discover in this article this many paperwork to provide.

Documents to constitute for a mortgage loan application file

Documents to constitute for a mortgage loan application file

Regardless of the bank or institution authorized for the financial loan requested, specific documents must be provided by the future borrower. They help lenders find out more about the future client and their situation. If you plan to use a mortgage for the purchase of your house or apartment, you must, therefore, present a solid file including:

  • Civil status papers

These documents are formed by an identity document of the credit applicant, a marriage booklet or a PACS certificate. If you have divorced, a liquidation act or a final agreement is essential.

  • Documents justifying your direct debit

To apply for a mortgage, you must justify your place of residence. Note that there are three types of residents, including the owner, tenant or person accommodated free of charge. The documents attesting to his domicile are different for each of these profiles. For the first, you must attach a title deed and its property tax documents in your file. For the second profile, it is necessary to provide a lease contract. And finally, for the last one, the individual who hosts you must produce a handwritten accommodation certificate, with his signature. Proof of address is also attached to this certificate.

  • Papers that present your professional situation

The professional situation is one of the major elements that greatly influence the decision to grant a mortgage. To gain the confidence of a banker, having a good professional situation is essential. Financial institutions give little importance to unemployed mortgage loan applicants. If you are an employee, your file may have a chance of obtaining a positive decision from the bank. With this status, you must provide payslips for the last three months, a tax return, tax notices, a certificate of employment or an employment contract. If you are a public official, your mortgage application will have no problem. You can easily get a financial loan agreement.

Important documents concerning the property to be acquired

Important documents concerning the property to be acquired

Financial organizations always ask future customers, individuals or businesses, documents around the property to buy. A promise or a compromise of sale with the owner of the property to be acquired must be attached to his file. In order to obtain validation of your mortgage application, it is essential to always provide all the important paperwork for your banker. By carefully preparing all the essential documents to file, you are putting the odds in your favor in order to have a loan agreement.